Putri Ayu Nyimas Rahima

Putri Ayu Nyimas Rahima | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Jambi

IN Jambi, there is one grave that is considered as sacred. It is the grave of Putri Ayu Nyimas Rahima. She was the wife of Sultan Muhammad, a king who once ruled Jambi. Do you want to know why Putri Ayu's grave is still taken care very well? Read on!

Nyimas Rahima was the daughter of Kemas Mahmud. He was an honorable man in Jambi. Nyimas Rahima was very beautiful. She also had good manners. She was polite and helpful. She was also religious. People enjoyed listening to her great voice when she recited the holy Alquran. With the qualities she had, no wonder people loved her.

At that time Jambi was having a war with the Dutch. People fought bravely. They were led by Sultan Muhammad, their wise, strong, powerful, and young king. Yup, Sultan Muhammad was still a young man.

The king heard about Nyimas Rahima. He was curious with her. He wanted to see how beautiful she was. So, one night he secretly left the battle just to see Nyimas Rahima.

The king arrived at Kemas Mahmud's house. He was surprised to have the king as his guest. The king finally met Nyimas Rahima. The king fell in love at the first sight. Nobody knew that Nyimas Rahima also loved him. She had admired the king for a long time.

The king did not want to waste time. He proposed Nyimas Rahima to be his wife. The proposal was accepted. Since they were in the middle of a war, the families agreed not to celebrate the wedding in a great ceremony. It was held very simply and modestly.

The king brought Nyimas Rahima to his palace. She was then named Putri Ayu. The king and the queen lived happily. When the king left her to join the war, the queen never stopped praying for him. She took care of the kingdom very well when her husband was away. The people were very grateful having Putri Ayu as their queen.

Their lives became much happier when they had a baby boy. The king named him Adipati. The king could not spend much time with his family. The war did not end yet. The queen understood that her husband had to defend their land.  She always taught her son about patriotism. Prince Adipati grew bigger and he often asked why his father often left the palace. The queen told the prince that his father had to defend their land.

The king and the queen would have a second child. Yes, the queen was pregnant. The king and the queen were so happy.

The war was getting worse. The Dutch multiplied the number of their soldiers. And that made the king worked harder.

The king had not been home for months. The queen was about to deliver her baby. She did not complain. She still took care of the kingdom very well. However her condition was weaker and weaker. She was not healthy.

The queen's condition was getting worse. Her health decreased tremendously. God had another plan. The queen passed away. She died.

The queen was buried in the palace park. The grave was built beautifully.

Prince Adipati was extremely sad. He just lost his mother and he did not know where his father was. Unfortunately the Dutch had come near the palace. The prince was asked to leave the palace.

After the prince left the palace, the Dutch soldiers arrived at the empty palace. They did not find anyone. Instead they found a beautiful grave. They asked who was buried there. When they knew about Putri Ayu, the Dutch decided not to destroy the grave.

The grave still exists. The local people consider it as a sacred grave. ***

Kerinci, Jambi

Bujang Kelana and Intan Suri

Bujang Kelana dan Intan Suri | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Riau

A long time ago, there was an old rich man named Pendekar Katung. He had lots of money. He hired many people to work for him. Nobody liked him. Pendekar Katung was mean. He liked gambling and when he  lost his money, he would ask his men to hit his opponent.

Pendekar Katung enjoyed chicken-fight gambling. He had a special cock. It was great and always won the fight.

One day, Pendekar Katung challenged Datu Buta to fight their chickens. Datu Buta accepted the challenge.

Pendekar Katung asked his men to prepare his best cock. Datu Buta did the same. At first, the fight was balanced. Both cocks fought bravely. Slowly, Pendekar Katung's cock lost its power. The cock gave up. It ran away.

Pendekar Katung was angry. He said, "You must be cheating!"

"No, I'm not!" said Datu Buta.

"You are a liar! Guards! Attack him!" ordered Pendekar Katung.

Datu Buta was ready. He fought the men bravely. However the men outnumbered, There were too many men fighting against him. He was lost.

The situation was getting worse. Pendekar Katung abducted Datu Buta's daughter. Her name was Intan Suri.

Datu Buta was so angry but he was hopeless. There was nothing he could do.

"Don't worry. I will come to help you," screamed Datu Buta to Intan Suri.

Weeks after the incident a young man came to the village. His name was Bujang Kelana. He was a wanderer.

Bujang Kelana was resting under a big tree. It was near Pendekar Katung's house. He saw a beautiful girl looked very sad. He approached the girl.

"Why do you look so sad? How can I help you?"

The girl was lntan Suri. She told him that she was abducted by Pendekar Katung. Bujang Kelana felt really sorry.

"Don't worry, I'll rescue you!"

He came to the house and broke the door. The guards were surprised. They hit Bujang Kelana but he was able to avoid it. He used all his martial art skills to fight. He was so skillful. He beat all the guards. He immediately released Intan Suri and brought her home.

Intan Suri was so happy and so was Bujang Kelana. They fell in love at the first sight.

Datu Buta was extremely happy when he saw his daughter coming home. However, their happiness did not last long. Pendekar Katung came with so many people.

They all cornered Bujang Kelana and Datu Buta. It was not a balanced fight, but Bujang Kelana was able to fight them. Again, he won the fight.

Unfortunately, something terrible happened. Intan Suri was accidentally hit by Pendekar Katung's guard. She was injured badly. She could not make it. She died.

Bujang Kelana was very sad. He threw a chicken coop to the sea.

He said, "I will never come back to this place although the chicken coop I threw to the sea becomes an island!" then he left the place.

Amazingly, the chicken coop slowly became an island. Since then people named the island as Pulau Sangkar Ayam which means Chicken Coop Island. ***

Chicken Coop


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